3D Lunatic Productions was created by John Grey in 2016.


At the heart of 3D Lunatic Productions is our desire to share unforgettable stories and experiences. We do this through a wide range of media: 3D animations, 2D artwork, games, music, and literature. We take advantage of the many tools and means available to us today to share our dreams and visions with the world.

Although we come from all corners of the world, our production company is based in Toronto, Canada. We communicate and collaborate online through the time zones by the power of a magical realm called "The Internet".

We want to create beautiful things and tell unforgettable stories for future generations to remember us by long after our bodies turn to dust. We choose to make every creation a masterpiece, because we don't have time to make junk.



The latest previews of our projects, as well as tutorials on various tools used in the 3D and game development pipeline can be found on our YouTube channel.

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Check out what we've been cooking up!



Pinball RPG Fusion

You are a skull on a quest to reunite yourself with the rest of your body. You must find all of your bones scattered throughout the underworld before performing the ritual that will make you whole again.

Play as Bonehead, the talking skull, on his travels through Earth and Hell. Defeat demonic bosses and unholy creatures in this unique fusion of traditional pinball and a role playing game.

This game is currently in production. Release date is set for the second quarter of 2020.


Turn-based Strategy

Choose your kingdom, then dominate the world!


Balance income and expenses, develop your economy, build an army, and crush the enemy!

This RISK-like game offers a wealth of depth and strategy through unique army units, heroes with special abilities, random events, and a selection of world maps.

This game is slated for production after the completion of the current project in development. Release date has not been announced.


Strategy Puzzle Game

Battle legendary heroes as you travel the world in this colour matching puzzle game. Conquer distant lands, upgrade your heroes, and learn about history and mythology in this fun game for desktop and mobile devices.

This game is not currently in production, and release date has not been announced.


Scorpion All-Terrain Assault Vehicle

Currently in 3D production is the mighty Scorpion All-Terrain Assault Vehicle.

This monstrous contraption is the invention of John Grey, the 3D lunatic. It is a highly mobile but lightly armoured assault scout capable of traversing difficult terrain. Featuring four independent bogies with a total of 16 huge wheels, each with independent suspension, this vehicle is more than capable of gunnning it in the rough!

The midsection of the Scorpion features an extendable hydraulic arm with a full 360 degrees of rotation. At the end of the arm sits the gunner's cabin, outfitted with twin M61 Vulcan 20mm cannons, capable of providing ample firepower. The arm can raise above tree level and rotate even while the vehicle is at speed. The gyroscope-driven system provides a stable platform to fire from under all conditions.

Please come back to see updates as this project develops.



Contact John Grey directy by sending an email to 3Dlunatic@gmail.com.

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