We are a team of digital ninjas, honing our skills and selling our services to the highest bidder.

We specialize in:


Game Development

We develop games using the Unity game engine.

Video Editing

We provide professional video editing services for small and big productions.

Digital Art

Digital painting, portraiture, game art, realistic or cartoony - choose your style.


We can create SCORM compliant eLearning modules for your company or institution.

3D Modeling

We create high quality 3D models for games, video, and architectural visualization.

Photo Editing

Photo beautification, restoration, retouching or special effects, we can do it all.

Audio Editing

We can make your audio sound great by removing hissing and popping sounds, cleaning up noise, and adding effects.


We can gamify your digital experience to add interest, user retention, and pure awesomeness!





The latest previews of our projects, as well as tutorials on various tools used in the 3D and game development pipeline can be found on our YouTube channel.

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Pinball RPG Fusion

You are a skull on a quest to reunite yourself with the rest of your body. You must find all of your bones scattered throughout the underworld before performing the ritual that will make you whole again.

Play as Bonehead, the talking skull, on his travels through Earth and Hell. Defeat demonic bosses and unholy creatures in this unique fusion of traditional pinball and a role playing game.

This game is currently in production. Release date is set for the second quarter of 2020.

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Insidious Pinball [450x100].jpg


Hot Dog Stand Manager Sim

Dungeon Vendor is a fantasy business management game.

Jack is a young man with a hot dog stand. He sets up his stand at the entrance to a dungeon where many adventurers go to seek their fame and fortune.


Adventurers get tired and hungry. They will want refreshments!

Let's sell them some, and get a share of that shiny gold they got down in the dungeon.

As Jack's business grows, more vendors offer to join him to provide additional goods, services, and bring more profit.

This game is currently in production. Release date is set for the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Dungeon Vendor [450x100].jpg
Masters of Warfare - sample map.jpg


Turn-based Strategy

Choose your kingdom, then dominate the world!


Balance income and expenses, develop your economy, build an army, and crush the enemy!

This RISK-like game offers a wealth of depth and strategy through unique army units, heroes with special abilities, random events, and a selection of world maps.

This game is slated for production after the completion of the current project in development. Release date has not been announced.

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Strategy Puzzle Game

Battle legendary heroes as you travel the world in this colour matching puzzle game. Conquer distant lands, upgrade your heroes, and learn about history and mythology in this fun game for desktop and mobile devices.

This game is not currently in production, and release date has not been announced.

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Currently in 3D production is the mighty Scorpion All-Terrain Assault Vehicle.

This monstrous contraption is the invention of John Grey, the 3D lunatic. It is a highly mobile but lightly armoured assault scout capable of traversing difficult terrain. Featuring four independent bogies with a total of 16 huge wheels, each with independent suspension, this vehicle is more than capable of gunnning it in the rough!

The midsection of the Scorpion features an extendable hydraulic arm with a full 360 degrees of rotation. At the end of the arm sits the gunner's cabin, outfitted with twin M61 Vulcan 20mm cannons, capable of providing ample firepower. The arm can raise above tree level and rotate even while the vehicle is at speed. The gyroscope-driven system provides a stable platform to fire from under all conditions.

Please come back to see updates as this project develops.




John Grey

Ninja Sensei

John created 3D Lunatic Productions in 2016. He is an avid 3D artist, game developer, and digital artist. He studied at the Colorado Film School in Denver.

John specializes in 3D modeling and game development in the Unity game engine. He also enjoys editing videos and painting in Photoshop.

John loves to play chess.

He is a visionary, a storyteller, a dreamer and a creator. He loves to find a unique and interesting way to see the mundane, and his quirky sense of humour can be both funny and awkward. John's greatest strength is his creativity and vision.

"Don't bother me...

I'm creating worlds!"


Julio Ordonez

Code Ninja

Julio is a senior developer and a coding guru. He has years of experience developing eLearning modules for many clients. He is also an excellent system administrator, multi-media expert, and a general fix-it guy.

Julio is experienced in game development on the Unity and Unreal game engines. He can code functionality using C# and other programming languages and tools.

Julio loves his cat, Totoro.

He is cool, calm and collected. He is legendary for being able to find the solution to any problem, although sometimes it takes a trip to his thinking room. He is a rock under stress, and an honest and reliable friend. Don't mess with him, though! He comes from Colombia.


That's very interesting!"


Chi Nguyen

Money Ninja

Chi is our project manager and accountant.

A certified CPA and recipient of two Masters' degrees (in Business and Accounting), Chi is more than qualified to handle the financial matters of our company.

Besides accounting, Chi also contributes in the role of a project manager. She makes sure our production is on time and on budget. Chi is a great motivator.

Chi loves to learn new skills, such as drawing, playing the piano, and photography.

Chi is a very efficient and hard working person. She doesn't tolerate laziness or procrastination, and she doesn't like to waste time. Chi is exactly what we need to make sure our projects move forward to completion.


When are you going to be done?"


Michael Olasanya

3D Ninja

Michaels is an outstanding 3D modeler.

Michaels specializes in hard-surface modeling, especially architecture and scene environments.

Besides 3D modeling, Michaels is also skilled in programming. His favourite programming language is Python.

Michael loves architecture and is has faithfully recreated many historic buildings in 3D. He loves a challenge, is smart and a quick learner.

Michael is very sincere, with a strong sense of morals and ethics. His good nature and friendly demeanor make it a pleasure to work with him on a team.

"If we keep on chatting,

we won't get any work done..."




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